Kvacianska and Prosiecka Valley

9-10 km from The Old Mill

These two valleys are referred to as the most beautiful valleys of Slovakia with the circuit trail starting in village Prosiek or Kvacany.

You can tailor the route according to your needs and ability by choosing a different point of entry on the trail, adding a viewing point and refreshment breaks.

This educational trail will take you through rocks, waterfalls, moss lined forest way, accross the sunny meadow to a monumental historic mountain water mill Mlyny Oblazy which is amongst the last of its kind.

You might have to climb a ladder or two, hang onto a rock chain but the trail is considered suitable for children and not so experienced hikers.

Recommended route: 17 km 6-7 hours:

From Prosiek → the mouth of Prosiecka Valley → Svorad → Prosečné → Ostruhy → Borovianky → Mlyny Oblazy → Kvačany → field trail under the Chočske Vrchy back to Prosiek

Liptovska Mara

3 km from The Old Mill

It is a water reservoir in Liptov and is named after an inundated village which was flooded when the dam was built in 1965 – 1975.

Liptovsky Trnovec village starts on the northern bank of the dam and the main beach is a 15 min walk from The Old Mill.

It is now a favourite summer spot for campers, fishermen, water sport lovers and has a huge water activity repertoire. You can take a scenic boat trip or a paddle board to watch sun sets behind the peaks of West Tatra Mountains.

Jasna Chopok

22 km from The Old Mill

Jasna in Low Tatra Mountain Range is the largest Ski Resort in Slovakia. Its second largest peak Chopok (2024m) offers 50km of ski rides, 23 ski lifts 5 months a year.

In summer you can hike or take a lift to Chopok for some stunning views. It is also famous for adventurous mountain cycling routes but short walk around the Vrbicke Pleso will offer plenty of mountain adventure for small children and leisure seekers.

The drive takes you through Demanova Valley where you can eat, drink, shop, fix your bike or rent a full ski gear.

Tatralandia Thermal Water Park

5 km from The Old Mill

14 pools, 28 slides, Surf Waves, Tropical Paradise, Wellness, Keltic Sauna World, Restaurants. Probably the most sought for are the 2 outdoor thermal poos where you can swim or relax both in hot summer and crispy cold winter.

The thermal water source is 2500m deep and has 60 C temperature, its high mineral content is beneficial for motor, muscle and respiratory system. The water is regulated to 36 C temperature in the swimming pool and to 40 C in the relax pool with water beds and water fountain.

There are also two indoor pools with sea water: Tropical Pool and White Lagoon.

Besenova Thermal Water Park

15 km from The Old Mill

13 pools, slides, restaurants, Wave pool, Climbing frames, children’s water slides, bouncy castle…

Geothermal water springs 2000 m deep with temperature of 60 C. As well as in Tatralandia, Besenova offers all year around swimming outdoors and indoors in temperature regulated pools.